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Software Testing Cloud Testing

With the cloud in your testing arsenal, you’re able to concurrently run a single test case across an unlimited number of resources. Also, you can run different test environments on different resources to test the same test case. By leveraging the cloud, you ensure that you can cover more testable space and also increase your test coverage. This also paves the way for higher test design efficacy and ensures that your applications are more robust and reliable.

what is cloud testing

I hope the above section of this cloud testing tutorial helped relay the message of why cloud-based testing is the need of the hour. Next, in this cloud testing tutorial, we will look at the common challenges faced with on-premise testing. Cloud-based testing is useful in eliminating environment-related schedule delays.

What are the benefits of cloud testing?

Hopefully you remembered to allow external network access in order to download the packages… As this isn’t a tutorial on installing Selenium, we’ll skip over the actual steps. Usually, the provider will give you these pre-configured with the OS of your choice. Occasionally you may need to actually install the OS yourself. However, you will probably need to do some admin tasks, setting up users, checking that you can mount the correct storage, etc.

Perform regression testing and reproduce production bugs on apps published on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Because of its nature, automated testing is almost always more complicated to set up and execute than manual testing. With an in-house device lab, complications are doubled because of the above reasons.


Definitely not as you have cloud-based testing to your rescue. With a cloud-based cross-browser testing platform, testing can be performed remotely and securely on numerous combinations of browsers, devices, and platforms . It runs on SaaS service provider servers and manages software applications, inclusive of security, availability, and overall performance. Cloud refers to software programs checking out the usage of assets from the cloud infrastructure this is acquired on-call at a reasonable cost due to the pay-according-to-use nature of cloud computing.

what is cloud testing

Once it has identified the problem it will then offer you a choice of solutions. Simply click on the correct one and all your tests will be updated. Remember, many providers will allow you to scale up on demand if you need additional VMs. However, relying on the cloud all the time is not a wise decision as well.

Browser Performance Testing

For example, the health care industry, a set of Rule ‘HIPAA’ has to be followed, it has strict guidelines and security protocols that every cloud vendor has to follow for the health care industry. In the same way, the different industry has different security protocols to follow which should be obeyed by cloud vendors and present in their compliance documents. Includes smoke testing, sanity testing, white box testing, black box testing, integration testing, user acceptance testing and unit testing. DR efforts for data backup and recovery are less intensive than traditional methods.

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In this kind of testing, the software program to be examined takes the benefit of cloud infrastructure and technology to simulate an actual-global scenario. A public cloud is a service provided by a cloud computing service provider to most people. These services can be availed by any person who desires to use them; all they need to do is pay for the offering’s services. With automated testing, testers need to access devices and relevant test automation frameworks and technical apparatus such as CI/CD tools, test logs, test execution screenshots, debugging tools, etc. Efficient cloud testing platforms also possess features to accelerate and enhance collaboration between teams or members of the same teams.

What is cloud functional testing?

Before testing in the cloud, it is important to determine which cloud testing tools and services are the correct fit for the organization. One approach to cloud testing includes the use of specific tools for individual cloud application security testing tests, such as performance testing, load testing, stress testing and security. Cloud testing is one of the most prominent types of software testing that utilizes the cloud to imitate realistic user traffic.

Hence enterprise mobility is entirely driven by mobile app testing on cloud. We all have tasted manual testing; it is not possible to test everything manually. Even performing automation testing is not a cakewalk; it is more complicated to set up and execute. The teams face many challenges in executing automation testing on in-house device labs. So, we need web or mobile app testing on cloud to simplify the process.

  • A distributed application offers many special servers which might be on a web page or off-web site.
  • This means that you would require a dedicated IT & infra team that has to keep a tab on the latest trends in the web application-testing scene and upgrade the on-premise test infrastructure accordingly.
  • In addition, as the cloud environment is outsourced, the customer loses autonomy over security and privacy issues.
  • This means that some information about the cloud environment is known, but not everything.
  • Users will pay as they pass and handiest use what they need at any given time, preserving the price to the consumer.
  • One of the best ways to get ahead of cloud security threats is to integrate cloud security testing into your cloud strategy.

In addition, as the cloud environment is outsourced, the customer loses autonomy over security and privacy issues. Cloud Security Testing is a special type of security testing method in which cloud infrastructure is tested for security risks and loopholes that hackers can exploit. Resource sharing is a common feature of cloud services and is essential for multi-tenant architecture.

Why should I use the Functionize Test Cloud?

Browser performance testing ensures that all browsers, operating systems, and devices display web applications in the same way. Organizations test cloud-based SaaS products to ensure applications are functioning properly. Cloud testing is the process of using the cloud computing resources of a third-party service provider to test software applications. This can refer to the testing of cloud resources, such as architecture or cloud-native software as a service offerings, or using cloud tools as a part of quality assurance strategy. Which is not at all a feasible option and seems illogical even when the organizations have the choice of opting for cloud testing solutions that can handle their testing needs.

Software as a Service application vendors and cloud providers are especially interested in testing the cloud itself to make sure it works well as a whole entity. This cloud testing tutorial will help you understand all the aspects of cloud computing and eventually using it to scale up your existing test cases. Testing in a cloud should not solely make sure that the functional necessities are met, but a robust emphasis needs to be set on non-functional testing also. Let’s explore the various types of testing that are performed.

what is cloud testing

Cloud computing is an internet-based platform that renders various computing services like hardware, software and other computer related services remotely. Cloud testing is a subset of Software testing which uses cloud-based tools to emulate real-world web traffic to test cloud-based web applications. To verify application’s support for various browser types and performance in each type can be accomplished with ease. Various tools enable automated website testing from the cloud.

This testing methodology ensures that you don’t lose data or face other severe repercussions if there is a cloud outage . Why not give the Functionize Test Cloud a go and see how autonomous cloud testing can transform your life. After you have completed your tests you get access to incredibly detailed reports. These include screenshots taken before, during and after each and every test step, detailed page load times (including element load times and the time taken for the page to be “visually complete”). Functionize is leading the way in creating test automation built using genuinely intelligent AI.

Cloud Testing – A Detailed Guide

Data inside the cloud may be stored in an exceedingly faraway location that would lie out of doors the company’s legal attain. Privacy and Data Security in Cloud packages are multi-tenant in nature, owing to the same the threat of unauthorized data access cannot be ruled out. Data within the cloud is also stored in a remote location that will lie outside the company’s legal reach. The testing surroundings ought to resemble the actual cloud environs to obtain the high-fidelity test results.

Cloud Testing Use Case

Not only this, but Cloud security testing can also provide in-depth analysis and the risk posture of the security risks of cloud infrastructure. There are key benefits and challenges of cloud testing, and it’s up to your organisation to determine whether the risks are worth the rewards. If you performed cloud testing, you’d be sure to increase collaboration, speed up your testing process, and be more cost-effective. Testing with cloud-based tools – this is normally carried out by a SaaS consumer, utilising a cloud-based tool, such as Qucate, to conduct functional and non-functional testing of an application or service. Automation achieved using cloud-based testing automation tools aid in improving collaboration between diverse teams and members of the same team. It becomes easy to monitor other’s activities, which is useful in avoiding any ‘activity overlap’ between team members.

Stress Test is used to determine ability of application to maintain a certain level of effectiveness beyond breaking point. It is essential for any application to work even under excessive stress and maintain stability. Stress testing assures this by creating peak loads using simulators. Instead of investing capital in building on-premises testing environments, cloud testing offers an affordable and scalable alternative. Almost every enterprise-level cloud deployment these days relies on multi-factor authentication to ensure that only authorized users can access their cloud resources. MFA is a great way to ensure that even if your cloud infrastructure is compromised, your most sensitive data will be protected.

What is cloud testing in QA?

The action you just performed triggered the security solution. There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data. Using cloud environment, instances of different Operating Systems can be created on demand, making compatibility testing effortless. The only difference is that it tends to be a combination of Black and White Box approaches.

Improper Identity and Access Management in Cloud is the practice of failing to consider the security of access to cloud resources when making cloud service choices. Poor access management can lead to various security issues, including data loss and theft, security breaches, and the loss of business-critical data and information. The White Box approach may sound the most secure, but this is not always the case.

Tests application performance across different operating systems . Examines if performance is maintained with additional users or tenants accessing the application concurrently. The initial setup cost for migrating testing to cloud is very high as it involves modifying some of the test cases to suit cloud environment. Therefore, cloud testing is not necessarily the best solution to all testing problems. Load testing of an application involves creation of heavy user traffic, and measuring its response. There is also a need to tune the performance of any application to meet certain standards.

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